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Best TV Wall Mount

 How to Select the Best TV Wall Mount in 2 Minutes (Simple Guide)

Peter S, Tv Wall Mount Guy, United States

Last Update: 17th February, 2021

The television you choose for a particular room in the house is very important. However, the viewing experience you will have also depends on the type of TV wall mount you use to secure your television.

At weekends, when you sit in front of tv especially after mowing your lawn, the last thing you want is the breakage of your tv thanks to a weak tv wall mount.

By looking at TV wall mounts, you might not be able to see how different they are from each other.

But the truth is that all of them are not the same. Again, there are so many types of TV mounts available on the market today, and narrowing down to your best choice especially from the available tens of models can be a daunting task.

For this reason, we have picked ten of our most favorite best TV wall mount to make it easier for you to pick a product according to your personal and home needs. The first one is so strong that you can even hang an electric fireplace on it.

Available types of Best TV Mount

Whether you own an LCD or LED plasma screen, you should decide what type of TV wall mount will be appropriate for your living room. We have classified all the existing TV mount models into four major categories. Also, we laid our a simple guidance to select the best tv wall mount.

Each category has its own pros and cons. Please take a look at each category and find out what difference exists between them.

1. Tilting wall mounts for TV

These TV mounts allow your television to tilt either down or up while it is attached to your wall. Different models have different tilting abilities. Most models have their tilting angles at around 15°.

A TV mount that allows you to adjust your screen’s vertical angle is advantageous in many different ways. 

For instance, you will be able to tilt its viewing angle a little especially if you want to change your sitting spot either backward or forward.

Additionally, TV wall mount that allows you to tilt its viewing angle allows you to tilt the screen to your most preferred angle when you have installed your TV higher than you should for whatever reason.

2. Full motion TV wall mount

Full-motion wall mount, or sometimes called fully articulating mounts are currently the most flexible TV wall mount types you can find on the market.

These types will let you move your television to any position. These types allow you to turn your television right or left, or upside down. These types of TV mounts are usually expensive compared to other models.

3. Articulating wall mount

These models allow more flexibility regarding changing the screen’s position. Simple pivoted TV mounts will allow you to move your screen from right to left and vice versa while some will allow you to pull your screen from your wall and angle it down or up.

4. Fixed wall mount for TV

Fixed wall mount for TV, or commonly known as a low profile or flat wall mount, is the most affordable of all the available types of TV wall mounts.  

It allows you to place your television very close to your wall. Be sure to leave some space between your TV and the wall for installation of cables.

Top 10 Best TV Wall Mount Reviews

1. Sanus Systems VMPL50A-B1Videosecu ml531be

Even though we highly recommend that you take into account your TV size and type before buying a wall mount, Sanus Systems VMPL50A-B1 will definitely fit almost any TV size and type.

It is a tilting TV wall mount that will let you move your television with a very light touch. It is extremely easy to install, and it can perfectly hold any television that measures between 32″ to 70″. It can comfortably hold a TV that weighs up to about 150 pounds.

There are so many Sanus wall mounts reviews on various review sites, and all of them rank this TV wall mount exceptionally high. This product is currently available for sale only here through Amazon at the link: Check the Lowest Price on Amazon 

2. Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV MountFull motion TV wall mounts reviews

If you are on a budget and you are looking for a quality wall mount for TV, Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV Mount is your perfect choice provided your TV doesn’t exceed 65 inches.

It provides you with a 15° tilt and can hold a TV that weighs up to about 165 pounds. These features make this product one of the best TV wall mounts you can find on the market today.

Want to purchase this TV mount? Well, we highly recommend that you buy online here through Amazon at this link: Check the Lowest Price on Amazon

3. OmniMount PLAY40tv wall mount

After going through full motion TV wall mounts reviews, and conducting our own thorough tests on various available models out there, we found out that the OmniMount PLAY40 can provide you with full lateral and horizontal movement without any restrictions.

For this reason, it is currently the best choice for anyone looking to buy an interactive wall mount for TV. It is your ideal full motion TV wall mount because it will allow you to change the viewing angle as many times as you want and at any time. It can hold televisions that measure up to 55″ and weighs up to 50 pounds.

This best TV wall mount is on a discount only through Amazon at this link: 

Check the Lowest Price on Amazon  

4. VideoSecu ML531BEswivel tv mount

In terms of affordability and popularity, VideoSecu ML531BE is currently the best full motion TV wall mount available in the market. Ml531be is flexible and you will be able to tilt yours backward and forward and swivel the television right or left up to 180°.

This TV wall mount can support TVs that measure up to 55″ and weigh a maximum of 88 pounds. If you want to buy this swivel TV mount, we suggest you order it online through Amazon at the link:  Check the Lowest Price on Amazon

5. Mount-It MI-305B TV Wall Mount

best TV mounts

This TV wall mount is one of the simplest, best TV wall mount you can come across. Despite being simple, it is very effective wall mount, and will hold nearly any television provided the size is not too big or too small. Precisely, it is suitable for TVs that measure between 32″ to 60″.

Even if you have a TV that weighs 175 pounds, this TV wall mount will support it very effectively. If you are looking for the best-fixed television wall mount, Mount-It MI-305B is what you should buy.

It is currently available at a low price here only through Amazon at this link:  Check the Lowest Price on Amazon   

6. Locket R2 Flat and Curved Wall MountTV wall mount types

Most TV wall mount types are not meant for curved TVs. In fact, finding a wall mount for your curved TV can be very hard. The Good thing is Locket has you covered. It makes various types of wall mounts for TVs, and you won’t go wrong with its R2 curved TV wall mount.

It is currently the best TV mount for curved TVs on the market. You can confirm this by double checking other TV wall mount reviews, and you will find out that it is highly rated.

It can support TVs that measure up to 70″, and weigh up to 99 pounds. Even if your TV is larger than 600 x 400, it will fit on this TV wall mount because it features a general VESA pattern.

If you have a curved TV, we recommend that you buy this TV mount here through Amazon on the link:  Check the Lowest Price on Amazon   

7. VideoSecu MW380B2full motion TV wall mount

If you want full motion when you are watching action movies, your favorite TV show or sports games, then VideoSecu MW380B2 is your best bet. It can adequately support TVs that measure between 37″ to 70” and weigh up to about 165 pounds.

It features a dual-arm design that will offer you 160° side-to-side swiveling, 5° backward tilt and 15° forward tilt. What’s more, this wall mount allows you to extend your TV up to about 25 inches from your wall.

In short, the VideoSecu MW380B2 is the best full motion TV wall mount available in the market today. The VideoSecu MW380B2 is currently available for sale here through Amazon at this link: Check the Lowest Price on Amazon  

8. Echogear EGLT1-BKTV wall mount reviews

This is the best TV wall mount with the best tilting capability. It is your best bet if you have a television that measures between 32″ to 70″. Maybe you have a television that you bought a few years back, and you are worried that you might not get a TV wall mount that can support its weight.

If that is the case, then you should not worry because Echogear EGLT1-BK can support televisions that weigh up to 125 pounds. It has a 15° tilt capability to allow you adjust it easily using your hands.

So, you will be able to direct your television easily and quickly to the exact position you would want to watch it from.

The mount will place your television 2.5″ from your wall. This way, you will have enough space at the back for cables. Do you want to buy this TV mount? It is currently available for sale here through Amazon. You can buy it online through this link: Check the Lowest Price on Amazon  

9. SANUS OLF18 –Full-Motion TV Wall MountTV wall mount types

This is one of the best fully articulating TV wall mounts ideally designed for larger televisions. It will adequately support televisions that measure between 37 to 80 inches.

It can support TVs that weigh up to 125 lbs. The mount stretches out to a remarkable 18.44 inches. When you retract it, this TV mount will be about 3″ from your wall.

With a tilting capacity of up to 15 degrees and ability to swivel from side to side up to a maximum of 60 degree each way, this product offers you unmatched flexibility.

SANUS OLF18 is available for sale here through Amazon at this link: Check the Lowest Price on Amazon  

10. Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mountwall mount for TV

Are you searching for a high quality fully articulating TV wall mount? Well, this product from Mounting Dream is the perfect one for you. For swivel, this best TV wall mount can allow about 40 degrees movement to the left or to the right.

What’s more, it has an impressive tilting capacity of 15 degrees downwards and 50 degrees upwards. If you push it back fully, your television will be about 3.6″ from your wall. This television mount will support TVs that measure between 26 to 55 inches and weigh up to 99lbs.

Fortunately, this TV wall mount is available for sale here through Amazon. We highly recommend you buy yours online at the link: Check the Lowest Price on Amazon

How to Choose The Best TV Wall Mount

First of all, Tv wall mounts are not the same. While you might not be able to realize this by simply looking at various models, the truth is that TV wall mounts do have several important differences.

For instance, they differ in weight capacity, Television size compatibility and tilt range among others. The differences will become apparent when you read our TV wall mount reviews. 

Another important point is, before you buy a TV wall mount, we highly recommend you double check your TV and ensure that the tv mount you want to buy matches property with your television.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when buying a TV mount beside you can find some useful reviews on this site

  • Mobility

Be sure to check a product’s mobility specifications before you buy especially if you are shopping for motion TV wall mount.

Consider its tilt degree, vertical movement and maximum extension.

  • Popularity

How do you gauge whether the TV wall mounts you are about to buy works and lasts according to the listed specifications?

And, one of the best ways to do that is by reading user reviews. For this reason, we do read a lot of user reviews when comparing the popularity of a TV mount to other models in its category before rating it.

If you read TV mount reviews and you find that the wall mount has many positive user reviews with only a few negative ones, then you can be sure it is your best bet.

  • Cost

TV wall mounts usually vary widely in terms of their prices. While some have price tags of $20, others cost even more than $200.

However, the truth is that the difference between a TV mount that costs $20 and that which costs $200 might be insignificant. So, the most important thing to consider is the specifications of products.

Installation Tips

After going through our top 10 best TV wall mounts available in the market and reading TV mounts review, you will realize that choosing the best TV wall mount that holds and fit your TV is a very easy and straightforward process. And the installation process is more like an installation of air conditioner holder.

However, you might find it a bit challenging when it comes to installing your best TV wall mount. The following tips will be of great help.

  • Use a reliable stud finder to find the studs that will be able to support the weight of your TV adequately.
  • Determine whether your wall mount will require a double or single stud. If you have bought a TV mount that can support a TV that weighs more than 100 pounds, you will have to use double-stud installation. Mounts that are designed to hold light TVs require single-stud installation.
  • The studs should be 24″ apart if you are installing your mount in the corner.
  • If you are not doing the installation at a corner, then the studs should be 16 inches apart.

Also you can see how to wall mount a tv using this video:


TV mounts can have either a negative or positive impact on both your room and on your television viewing experience. They can change the feel of the living room for the better or for worse. Hence, choosing the best tv wall mount is important for your comfort.

TVs can be very costly especially the large ones. So, the last thing you want is an inadequate wall mount that might fail and bring down your entire entertainment hub.

Therefore, to make sure your expensive TV remains secure, buy a reliable TV mount. In other words, the reliability of TV wall mount is the most important thing to consider.

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